November 7, 2014 · fonts announcements opentype training

#smcfontworkshop : Agenda and selected participants

Day 1

Introduction to digital typography

What is a font?

How a font works ?

What are the existing fonts in Malayalam?

What is a Malayalam font?

Understanding a font

Familiarize with Tools

Day 2

Let us create a font! (hands on training)

Introducing a workflow:

If time allows or in between other sessions..


  1. Santhosh Thottingal
  2. Hiran Venugopalan
  3. K.H Hussain

Selected Participants

  1. NUJUMUDEEN (Eggs Creative Solutions & Communications (P) Ltd.)

Participants under SMC Scholarship

  1. Orion Champadiyil

Special Guests

Narayana Bhattathiri

Font packaging team

  1. Praveen A


  1. Hrishikesh K.B
  2. Anivar Aravind

Organizing Support

  1. Anish A
  2. Sooraj Kenoth


Bring a working laptop. Please bring your drawing instruments you are comfortable with - Mouse, Drawing pad/stylus(if you have) etc,

Since we are Free Software developer community, we will be using GNU/Linux and free software during the workshop. We recommend GNU/Linux as the best platform for developing with Malayalam. But you are free to use whatever Operating system you are comfortable. Please use a reasonably latest operating system, outdated operating systems have crappy Malayalam support and you will feel helpless most of the time you work with them. Windows XP will not be helpful.

Power, internet, lunch and refreshments will be provided at the venue.

Inkscape will be used for demonstrations, but if you are good at other vector graphics editing tools such as Adobe illustrator, you will see comparable features in it for drawing svgs. But we may not be able to give specific instructions on such editors. As long as you know how to draw and create svgs with given metrics and styles, you are good.

Inkscape works in all operting systems. If not installed get it from Inkscape is packaged for GNU/Linux

Fontforge will be used for developing the font. Sorry, we will not be able to train on other systems like fontlab etc. For complex scripts like Malayalam, we know this as the only working tool. Accepting the fact that its UI is not upto standard.

Fontforge is available for all operating systems. If not installed, get it from and install. Fontforge is packaged for GNU/Linux. If you need help installing, see

If you are curious, you will see that has a good tutorial on fontforge.

Please download SMC’s latest fonts: - Click on Download as ZIP. Similarly download latest version of Chilanka font from


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