August 5, 2020

Indic Keyboard v3

Announcing Indic Keyboard v3.0 with several new features and improvements.

Indic Keyboard v3

With almost 3 million downloads, Indic Keyboard is one of the most popular Free and Open Source keyboards for Indic languages. We are announcing a new version of it with several new features and improvements.

With 3.0, Indic Keyboard is moving into a faster release cycle. We'll be pushing far more updates than before, as soon as they are ready, instead of waiting for larger updates.

We also have some branding updates, with a new logo designed by Hiran Venugopalan.

Our website also got a revamp, updated with FAQ section and many more details



Important Changes

  • Separate versions for 32bit and 64 bit arm processors.
  • Support run-time permissions
  • Updated set of emojis
  • Option to set permanent emoji key
  • Option to turn on number row
  • Option to resize keyboard
  • New dictionaries for Kashmiri, Marathi, Maithili, Odia, Sanskrit, Santali, Assamese
  • Several bugfixes


Finally, We would like to thank Mozilla for the Mozilla Open Source Support award that we got last year.


New versions of Indic Keyboard are now live on Google Play Store. F-Droid update is being reviewed by the F-Droid team.