March 23, 2024

Announcing Poorna Web: The Web Editor for Poorna Keyboard Layout

Announcing Poorna Web: The Web Editor for Poorna Keyboard Layout
Poorna Inscript Keyboard Layout

In our ongoing mission to improve Malayalam typing, we're proud to introduce Poorna Web, the web-based iteration of our Poorna keyboard layout.

Poorna Web is designed to be a comprehensive solution for all your Malayalam typing needs. It brings the familiar Inscript and Remington layouts right to your browser, making it easier than ever to type all Malayalam letters.

But Poorna Web is more than just a typing tool. It's a full-fledged text editor that caters to your every need. From storing your typed content in local storage to allowing you to change the font of the input area, Poorna Web provides a customizable and user-friendly typing experience.

Furthermore, Poorna Web serves as a valuable learning aid, helping users familiarize themselves with the intricacies of Malayalam keyboard layouts. Whether you're a novice learning the ropes or a seasoned typist looking to improve your speed, Poorna Web is the tool for you.

Recognizing the need for seamless content management, we've incorporated the ability to upload .txt files directly to Poorna Web. Now, you can easily import and work on your existing content without leaving the platform. Once you're done, you can download your typed content as a .txt file, making it easy to share, save, and distribute your work.

Visit Poorna Web today to experience the future of Malayalam typing. As we continue our journey, we're excited to bring you along with us. Your feedback and support have been instrumental in our progress, and we look forward to continuing to serve you with our innovative solutions.