May 6, 2019

Localization Projects, Common Voice for Malayalam and More: SMC Monthly Updates April 2019

Common Voice for Malayalam

Mozilla Common Voice. Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Mozilla Common Voice is a crowd sourcing platform for audio dataset in various languages. This month, we brought Malayalam into Mozilla common voice. Anish Sheela put his efforts to realize common voice for Malayalam. Initially, Common Voice website localized. Now, public domain sentences are being collected and reviewed.

Volunteers are welcome to contribute.  Using sentence collector, you can submit public domain sentences now.

Ongoing Localization Efforts

SMC is active on localization of popular software projects. This month, we were active in  localizing various Mozilla projects and KDE applications.


KDE Localization

For KDE localization, Subin maintained a website and published instructions to the contributors. Organised localization efforts using chat support group for telegram and Matrix.

Stats for nerds.

24.3% overall localization has been done. 27.9% of applications, 28.3% of kde workspace, 23.0% of kde edu and 3.1% of kde graphics got localized.


Top contributors are:

  • Subin Siby
  • Neenu Chacko
  • Sreeram Venkitesh
  • Anoop M S
  • Kiran Johns
  • Aditya R Pai
  • Abraham Raji
  • Nisari K
  • Mujeeb Rahman
  • Muhammed Rustham
  • Nandakumar Edamana
  • Benison Sebastian
  • Megha Sunil
  • Abhijith Sheheer
  • Athul Raj.

Mozilla Projects

Mozilla's browsers and online services were localized into Malayalam. Firefox for Android, iOS, Firefox Rocket, Firefox Send and Common Voice  got 100% localized. Pontoon is used to centrally organize the localization efforts. Telegram suport group  was active in helping and organizing contributors.

Stats for nerds

Overall 71% of strings localized. Firefox for Android, Firefox for iOS, Firefox Rocket, Firefox Send and Common Voice completely localized. Firefox Screenshots reached 93%, -  89%, Firefox - 79%, Firefox Accounts - 79%, - 57%  and Fundraising got 46% localized to Malayalam.


Major contributors to Common Voice and other recent Mozilla localizations are:

  • Joice
  • Anish Sheela
  • Kelvin
  • Ranjith Siji
  • Kiran Johns
  • Kavya Manohar
  • Sachin
  • Balasankar and
  • Mujeeb.

Social Media's Influence on Indian General Election 2019

Panel Discussion. (Clipped from video stream)

Sebin Jacob represented SMC in a panel discussion on "Influence of Social Media on General Election" by Asianet News as a part of Election special series Kadamba. Dr. Arifa K.C.,V. K. Adarsh and K.G. Sooraj were the other panellists. The video of the program can be found here.

Indic Keyboard beta 4

Indic keyboard got miscellenious bug fixes and got number pad keyboard.

Enthusiasts were welcomed to join beta channel and discussion group.