January 7, 2019

Mapping Party 2.0, Phonetic Analyser v1.0.0 and More: SMC Monthly Updates December 2018

Malayalam Phonetic Analyser Python Package v1.0.0 Out Now

First stable version of Malayalam Phonetic Analyser, mlphon, is available as a python package. Now developers can make use of mlphon API quickly. The package hosted on PyPi can be installed via pip

pip3 install mlphon

Project lead, Kavya Manohar's note will be helpful for understand the need for phonetic analyser library.

Koorachund Mapping Party 2.0

News Report in Times Of India

Second edition of Koorachund Mapping Party conducted from 22 to 28 of December. National Service Scheme volunteers from Silver Arts & Science College Perambra, CKMG Govt. College Perambra and Govt. Engg. College Kozhikkode along with numerous OpenStreetMap Community members took part in the event.

Volunteer collecting data

SMC and GeoMinds provided the technical support. The program was conducted under the Sansad Adarsh Gram Yojana project. The mapping party was a success. OSM community around the globe helped completing the effort.  

Malayalam Computing Workshop at Kerala University

A Malayalam computing workshop is conducted at Kerala University, Karyavattom Campus, Trivandrum from 15 to 22 of December. Talks on various Malayalam computing projects and topics took place. Experts including SMC members like Hrishikesh KB and Kavya Manohar lead the talks.

Morphological Analyzer Python Packages and libindic.org Updated

New versions of Python packages of Malayalam morphological analyzer - mlmorph (v1.0.3) and spell checker - mlmorph-spellchecker (v1.0.4) are available now. Both python3 packages can be installed through pip.

libindic website updated to the latest version of libindic.

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