October 8, 2019

Magisk Malayalam Fonts v2.0, Calamares Localization and More: SMC Monthly Updates September 2019

Magisk Malayalam Fonts Hits Version 2.0

The Magisk module for Malayalam fonts in the Magisk manager is updated to version 2.0. This update enables the use of popular SMC Malayalam fonts like Manjari, Gayathri, Rachana and Meera in Android. The v2.0 update brings support to Magisk v18 and above. The updated module zip can be downloaded from here. A tutorial on how to install Malayalam fonts on Android using Magisk can be found here. Full list of available fonts and the source code are all available at SMC Gitlab repo.

Calamares is available in Malayalam

The next version of the distribution-independent system installer - Calamares will have Malayalam as an optional language for the interface. Localization of Calamares is actively going through Transifex. As of now, more than 70% of the translation is completed. The welcome note for Malayalam localization by the developer can be read here.

mlmorph Version 1.0.7 Released

Version 1.0.7 of Malayalam Morphological Analyzer - mlmorph is released. The package can be installed using pip for Python.

pip install mlmorph

Use pip3 if Python 2 is the default Python. The web interface of mlmorph is available at https://morph.smc.org.in/ and source code is available at the SMC Gitlab repo.

In News:

  • Kerala High court declared that Right to Access Internet is Part of Right to Privacy and Right to Education. The judgement can be read here.
  • Software Freedom Day 2019: Software Freedom Day of the year was on 21st September. Various free software organizations and movements took part in the event.
  • Google releases multilingual speech recognition model for Indian Languages. Official blog post can be found here.